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Norsk Fjordhestsenter Norwegian Fjord Horse Centre is the national centre for the native Norwegian horse breed: The Fjord Horse, and it is no accident that it is situated at Nordfjordeid, which has been named "The Mecca of the Fjord Horse". This is caused by the long Fjord Horse traditions. Every year since 1886 there has been a stallion-exhibition during the first weekend of May. In 1999 it was visited by horse-people from eleven countries and three continents. In this area of tradition the Fjord Horse Centre is found.

Norwegian Fjord Horse Centre is the primary resource centre dedicated to this particular breed. Important tasks is promotion, information and advice on all aspects related to the Fjord Horse. The centre is also dedicated to development in new areas of usage, breaking and education, as well as to further the breeding of the Fjord Horse

Norwegian Fjord Horse Centre was established in 1989, when the local council of Eid, Sogn & Fjordane County and Norges Fjordhestlag (The Norwegian Fjord Horse Association) took over a private owned installation. A large part of the responsibility of promotion and development of usage is placed at the centre. The Norwegian Horse Centre, and Royal Ministry of Agriculture are therefor important partners. We have also close co-operation with Fjord Horse International (FHI), who has its offices at the centre. FHI is mainly dedicated to marketing the Fjord Horse for sale (especially abroad) and international promotion of the horse breed.